[E] Olive


We have 3 olive trees, but it’s not easy for them to bear fruit.
Planting 3 trees are enough to bear fruit, I think. Why so difficult?
Last year the trees didn’t bear fruit well, (only 2 or 3 olives), and equally this year they bear few fruit.
We cannot find only one olive in a certain tree.

These trees weren’t planted for harvesting, so I don’t mind it. But I hope to make olive oil if a lot of olives are harvested. I wonder when I can make it true. I can’t even make pickles with such a few olives.

Trees grew smoothly, it seems a little useful in the blindfold and the windbreak, which were the original purpose. Because Shodo Island is suitable for cultivation of olive, it should be able in Awaji Island. (Shodo Island is near Awaji Island, in Seto Inland Sea)