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     We greeted the new year for 2nd time after the establishment of our research center.

    The situation of Awaji-island, where we work, has changed extremely. Population was already reduced to less than 150,000, and it is continuing decreasing. Before, Singapore was carried out to comparison of Awaji, because they had about the same size. But the population of Singapore is 5 million, the difference between these is clear.
    The solar panel is increasing rapidly in contrast to the decreasing of population. I hope population increases at least ten percent of the number of panels. It's meaningless that if we are merely waiting, without doing anything, but I cannot think up a special conclusive success factor.

    The use of natural power sources itself is a very desirable tendency. This year I would like to watch not only the sun but also "wind". And I'd like to give results in a certain form.

    By the way, there seems to be a sign that this year is likely to become a year of a turning point for an electric vehicle. The model S of our company is running favorably from last summer. I think that the merit of EV will have permeated little by little, and it may become a fair wind that the European vehicle manufacturers are also positive.
    Although the demand expansion may be not so rapidly immediately, I think that it will be the point of inflection if we look back upon this year in several years. January, 2014  

    January, 2014
    Amaz Techno-consultant, LLC
    CEO & CTO Ph.D. Toru Amazutsumi