Amaz Tech-Consultant, LLC will provide the following services.
    We can discuss your request with you, such as technical advisory contract, consultant agreement, or participations to some short period projects.

    Technologies concerned with Batteries

    - Consulting on Technology Development of Battery
    - Consulting on Production Technology and Process Management of Battery
    - Consulting and Mediation on Development and Evaluation of Battery
    - Consulting and Support on Design of Battery System
    - Consulting on Practical Use as Application
    - Consulting and Mediation on Design and Development of Battery and Related Parts
    - Consignment Evaluation for Safety
    - Consignment Research and Evaluation of Battery
    - Consignment Sales of Equipment for Research and Development
    - Development and Consignment Sales of New-Concept Production Process
    - Others

    Environmental Fields

    - Consulting on How to Use Renewable Energy Effectively
    - Consulting on Smart Grid Technology
    - Consulting on Technology for Power Supply of Electric Car
    - Mediation of Environmental Technology, products and parts
    - Others

    Lecture, Dispatch of Lecturer

    - Lectures on Battery, Electronic Goods, Environmental Technologies, etc…
    - Lectures on Battery at Educational Institutions
    - Holding Study Meetings
    - Others


    - Support and Consulting on Personal Import
    - Support and Mediation on Purchasing Log-House
    - Support and Consulting on Building Log-House
    - Design Support and Consulting of Battery System
    - Others
    Case Example
    Log-Manufacturer in Finland “Puulehto” (Link)

    Cram School

    - Cram School for the students of Primary School (5th and 6th grade) and Junior High School
    - Dispatch of Lecturer
    - Holding Beginners Course on PC operating
    - Others

    Place to Contact

    - 684-5, Torikai-Naka, Goshiki-Town, Sumoto-City, Hyogo, 656-1343, JAPAN
    - TEL: +81-799-34-0561 / FAX: +81-799-34-0561
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