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- The link from sites which libel us or disturb our services.
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Protection of Personal Information

Amaz Techno-consultant, LLC recognizes personal information as important property which should be treated suitably. For this reason the company will treat personal information according to the following policy.

- Collection, utilization and offer of personal information
Personal information will only be collected for a clear and specific purpose and the information will be used within the suitable and fair limits.

- Following the law and the standard
For treating personal information, the Company will follow laws and other standards for the protection of personal information.

- Suitable protection and management of personal information
For security of personal information, the Company will make an effort to prevent illegal access to personal information furthermore loss, destruction, alteration, leak and so on.

- Revision and delete of personal information
The Company will ensure that an individual has the right to request for any disclosure, correction, suspension of use or deletion of their own personal information,and if these requests are made, the company will not object and will respond promptly.

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