Company Name Amaz Techno-consultant, LLC
Representative CEO & CTO Ph.D. Toru Amazutsumi
Head Office TEL and FAX: +81-799-34-0561
Research Center 3103, Torikai-Ura, Goshiki, Sumoto-City,
Hyogo, 656-1344, JAPAN
TEL: +81-799-34-0562 FAX: +81-799-34-0564
Web Site http://amaz-tech.co.jp
Business Outline - Consulting and Support on Technology Development Concerned with Battery
- Consulting and Support on Planning and Development Concerned with Environment
- Introduction and Mediation of Raw Materials, Parts and Products
- Original Development of Battery and Production Process
- Consignment Research, Development and Evaluation
- Consignment Sales of Equipment for Research and New Concept
- Support on Purchasing and Building of Log-House
- Cram School
- Dispatch of Lecturer

If you have any questions or obscure points, please feel free to contact us.
Such as isolated contracts, fixed-term contract and advisory contract, we can discuss your requirement.

Company Name

icon What does “Amaz” mean?

Amaz can be made by 4 initial letters of “Amazutsumi”, but it's not only this origin.
“Amaz” can remind you of the word “AMAZING”, and let people expect the distinguished results.
Besides, "Amaz" starts with A, and ends with Z, this can express our attitude to solve all (A to Z).

icon Company Logotype

It means challenge and creation toward new technologies.
It is composed by three circles, which mean “Knowledge”,”Experience” and ”Inspiration”.
New technology will be created by the fusion of these.
These three circles are colored with RGB (the three primary colors of light), this symbolizes the limitless possibility to create all colors.
The projection of A and Z means the forefront of technology, and the innovation which can break out of the former mold.